Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ohhh the weekend!!

I used to love the weekend but now since nothing really exciting happens or changes from the weekdays...its so boring. I can look forward to the SuperBowl at least. I got a package from Heidi yesterday and oh goodness was it ever fun and exciting....THANK YOU THANK YOU and THANK YOU!! Miah already broke my paddle ball but we can fix that easily, I already colored the fuzzy poster and well HSM...what more could you ask for? I bet Ryan or Gina would try and take all my HSM stuff....hahaha.
Well the birds came back and there were like 3 times as many. We come to find out, the trees they hangout on outside our window, well the berries they eat, make them drunk. Our nurses were telling us about this and well I am trying to look it up to see if it really true. But they do engorge themselves with those berries. Its actually fun to watch them eat, they juggle the berries for a bit in the air with their beaks. But if the getting drunk off the berries is true, it makes sense to why they are always running into our window. I guess the nurse said last year they had a baby moose do the same thing, it would eat all the berries the birds dropped and they said the moose started to walk all crazy and stumble around....weird!!
They finally had to change my IV out and well that was not fun at all. I have become so good with the poking and everything. But this time it took a long time, the nurse couldn't get my vein to stay still, she termed it as dancing with my nerve. She had to re-enter 2 times. Then she would run the needle along my vein and honestly, it hurt. It took almost 15 mintues. What made it worse is I was having contractions at the same time...Miah almost got sick. He told me I had to scream or make noises when I was in pain or uncomfortable or else he gets really sick. I am the very quiet type, just holds it in and deals with it. The nurse felt so bad afterwards and I told her she should, hahaha just joking. I just don't want to do that again.
My sister Danielle made a HUGE batch of homemade mac n cheese for us when we came up here...we keep it in the car because well its so cold and because everybody wants to eat it. It was really for me but I think Miah has swallowed almost all of it. I have no idea how much is left but Danielle...I think we need to restock our food storage. We found a book for my nephew Bubba....its called The Potty Train, Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga Poo Poo....sooo cute.
Anyway, Ellah is still doing great, quite the acrobat still. She is no longer breach but transverse, as of yesterday. But she moves around a ton. Still waiting for our doctor to get back from London, a well deserved vacation. We hope everyone is staying warm and away from the volcano...lots of love....the Taylor Family, including Ellah!!

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  1. you are so incredibly welcome! I had a lot of fun compiling your package! ha!