Monday, June 22, 2009

Ellah's First Race

As everyone knows, I love to run and I couldn't wait to get Ellah into her first race. So when the Kenai River Run came around, I signed us up. It was a blast and Ellah and Mommy both wore our Nike running clothes, of course. Good thing I had a jogger and that Ellah goes running often because most of the course was on a dirt road, all I could think of was "Never Shake a Baby"....she was fine and she won her age division, she also got her name in the paper. I was so proud.

I finally had to go to Anchorage for the Kidney Biopsy and right now, I am pretty sore. The procedure went really well, thanks to Diazepam but the recovery hasn't been so much fun. But because of the most amazing husband ( in my eyes) he has been helping me out with everything. The worst thing, I can't even lift my own daughter, mostly because she is too heavy, hahaha. I actually am so proud of that. Besides everything...we are living life and loving every minute of being a family.