Saturday, November 21, 2009

Daddy dressed me...

I am not sure if Miah is going to be in charge of dressing Bells anymore. We were shopping the other day and Daddy found some clothes for Bells. I do have to say she would make a cute little boy too!

Ellah giving a helping hand

On Saturday mornings we go out to our Ward's Farm and help maintain it. Last Saturday was a lot of hard work, especially for the boys. Ellah was insisting on helping out, she is just too funny. She already want to help with everything and EAT everything. Did we mention she just crossed over to the size 5 diapers, my sister nicknamed her Elephant and it is really starting to fit.

Happy 1st Birthday Reef!

Thursday Reef turned one and we helped out his mom Jenni, with making a birthday cake for the party on Friday. Jeremiah and I had so much fun with this little project. We decided to go with the caterpillar from Baby Einstein and even made a bash cake so Reef can dig into his own. They turned out great and we had a blast at the birthday party!

Monday, November 9, 2009

3 Stages of Ellah

Stage 1- Going for a walk

Stage 2- Shoving her face after her vigorous walk

Stage 3- Falls asleep with a full tummy...what a life!!

Yabba Dabba Doo!!

Halloween was a ton of fun this year!! We had our Ward Party and for all you Twilight fans, Edward Cullen was even there, hahaha. Then we went trick-o-treating on Moana Street, the best in town. It is nice here, we don't have to wear snowpants under our costumes! Ellah started to wave that night, when people would give her candy, she would wave and give a big ole' grin. We went as the Flintstones and had such a good time. Check out the Oompa Loompas too!