Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ohhh the weekend!!

I used to love the weekend but now since nothing really exciting happens or changes from the weekdays...its so boring. I can look forward to the SuperBowl at least. I got a package from Heidi yesterday and oh goodness was it ever fun and exciting....THANK YOU THANK YOU and THANK YOU!! Miah already broke my paddle ball but we can fix that easily, I already colored the fuzzy poster and well HSM...what more could you ask for? I bet Ryan or Gina would try and take all my HSM stuff....hahaha.
Well the birds came back and there were like 3 times as many. We come to find out, the trees they hangout on outside our window, well the berries they eat, make them drunk. Our nurses were telling us about this and well I am trying to look it up to see if it really true. But they do engorge themselves with those berries. Its actually fun to watch them eat, they juggle the berries for a bit in the air with their beaks. But if the getting drunk off the berries is true, it makes sense to why they are always running into our window. I guess the nurse said last year they had a baby moose do the same thing, it would eat all the berries the birds dropped and they said the moose started to walk all crazy and stumble around....weird!!
They finally had to change my IV out and well that was not fun at all. I have become so good with the poking and everything. But this time it took a long time, the nurse couldn't get my vein to stay still, she termed it as dancing with my nerve. She had to re-enter 2 times. Then she would run the needle along my vein and honestly, it hurt. It took almost 15 mintues. What made it worse is I was having contractions at the same time...Miah almost got sick. He told me I had to scream or make noises when I was in pain or uncomfortable or else he gets really sick. I am the very quiet type, just holds it in and deals with it. The nurse felt so bad afterwards and I told her she should, hahaha just joking. I just don't want to do that again.
My sister Danielle made a HUGE batch of homemade mac n cheese for us when we came up here...we keep it in the car because well its so cold and because everybody wants to eat it. It was really for me but I think Miah has swallowed almost all of it. I have no idea how much is left but Danielle...I think we need to restock our food storage. We found a book for my nephew Bubba....its called The Potty Train, Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga Poo Poo....sooo cute.
Anyway, Ellah is still doing great, quite the acrobat still. She is no longer breach but transverse, as of yesterday. But she moves around a ton. Still waiting for our doctor to get back from London, a well deserved vacation. We hope everyone is staying warm and away from the volcano...lots of love....the Taylor Family, including Ellah!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Its basically the same as the day before, everything is staying the same. This silent time bomb is waiting to surface. But as they tell me it is just a waiting game, an oh so fun waiting game. Everyone tells me its been snowing back home quite a lot. Its snowing up here but not a whole lot. I have been trying to keep up with the Volcano but I guess we only get a few stations here, so if anybody has any exciting news about it let me know. Because of the snow, the birds haven't been around our window much, which is really sad because that was a huge source of our entertainment. Yep they would fly into our window all the time and it was actually pretty humorous. Sometimes around 5-6 at the same time.
We have had quite a few visitors, its so nice. Tiffany, Brett and there little guy Micah came yesterday. It was nice to hangout with them for a bit, especially seeing a baby, made me even more excited. Sandy, an assitant that I work with, is flying to California so see her husband come home for Iraq and she flew in at 4pm to hangout with us. She was awesome, she game me a pedicure, manicure and we all went for a nice wheelchair ride. I can't believe what they have for woman here. They are all prepared, beading kits, scrapbooking stuff, nail polish, and a lot more items. They are so great here. I finally found somebody, other then Miah who can braid hair, the only down side is she works nights and so its basically pointless. All these woman who work here and nobody can braid, is that weird? I thought all girls knew how to braid.
They are sending a Nutrionist to visit me today, not because I am picky but because ummmm I will be here for a bit and they want to show me how to broaden my horizons. They tell me just today, they can make me any milkshake I want....after a week they are just now telling me this. I wonder if I can abuse this privledge....its worth the shot.
Well Ellah lots of hair, when taking the BioProfile, they showed us her hair. It was waving around, which is crazy. Miah was worried and made sure it was just on her head, he is scared to have a little fuzz ball, silly guy.
Well I hope all is well with everyone....congrats to Gina, a baby boy!! FINALLY!! Miah says you'll need these little items he found called PeePee TeePee....he thought they were the coolest things in the world. Welp, until next time....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another day in Paradise...

Today I thought long and hard about trying to find an incubator to maybe put over my belly to help Ellah out a little. But thought it was just my mind wondering crazy, trying to figure out a way to help further along the process...I didn't dare mention this idea to my doctor either in fear of sending me off to a looney section of the hosptial. Oh my, the sky bridge was AMAZING! Others might not find it was exciting but it was b-e-a-utiful. Miah found a little section where a creek runs right under and we have made this our special spot, cute eh? We now try and go there twice a day. Maybe if any of you come and visit, I will show you the magnificent spot of ours.

So you are all familiar with the hospital smell? It is becoming more like home, which is fine, since I work in the health care field myself. But this smell was starting to make me self was more like bad body odor or along the lines. Well I was thinking, the first day maybe it could of been me, all the stress and shots coming at me, I was bound to work up a sweat. But then kept smelling it, just all over and I kept asking Miah if it was me. I started thinking this Perinatal unit is pretty full, those nurses work pretty must be them, right? I began spending more time trying to scrub every place twice. I finally figured it out....its these darn hosptial gowns we wear!! Yes, they wash them or at least they say they do but goodness, I think they forgot to add the detergent. Think of how many woman have worn these and seriously it takes a lot of wear and well there comes a time when the stench just does not go away. Did I mention they are also VERY fashionable? Hahaha, maybe I should drop a suggestion in the box at the front day on the way to the Skybridge.

For this next section, you woman will completely understand...hopefully and if not, just say you do for my sake. I mentioned before, emotionally I have been fine through my pregnancy but here it a little different. Well yesterday the Emotionally-Crazed Woman came back out. I feel bad for Miah because he has to console and deal with me, I am not mean just cry and ask the same questions every time and want answers that the doctors don't even know. I look back now and laugh at the situation, especially the object that set me off. Each morning with breakfast we fill out menu for the next day. Well I was so excited, they finally had something that I would actually really like, Cheese Manocotti, breadstick and some kinda of squash...I was pumped. I looked forward to it all day. My dinner was over an hour late and I had just been kinda down at the arrived and well I opened it up...NOTHING and I mean nothing I would have ever ordered. I instantly started to cry and seriously went into the batheroom and turned off the light to continue to cry. I know I sound crazy and extremely spoiled but I swear at the time, it all made sense, kinda. But Miah coaxed me out of the bathroom and held me and his normal wife came back again.

Well everything is still just staying steady, Ellah is still doing good, growing and staying strong...They gave me Ambien to help sleep, ya that didn't work at all. It just made me really dizzy so they decided to take me off that. Heartburn and headaches are starting to come back, which are a few of the symptoms and slowly the medication is starting to not work so well. But we are doing good, we are under great supervision and have faith in our doctors. Hope all is well. Here are a few pictures so far...enjoy!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hanging in there...

Monday was a tough day for me. I have been sleeping okay, which is good. The nurses are kind enough for right now to not really wake me up much to take my vitals. My Dr. is in London with her 21 year old son and so her husband is taking over until she gets back and then they say it will be time. He is really nice, very shy but nice. I thought I was done with keeping track of my urine, jokes on me...I get to measure every time and keep in a log, its getting very old. But I gotta do what I gotta do. We went in for an Ultrasound again yesterday and Ellah was being just a little diva again. They had to bring in a Doctor because Ellah is getting very low and it looked as if things were starting to open and they were worried. During this time, Ellah went from feet, hands and head all down (being a gymnist), oblique, transverse and now she is head down. They all laughed as normal. But turns out everything is still doing okay. Okay for this next part, its confusing to me. Sorry if this subject is too personal for some....they talk a lot about Poo here. It seemed like yesterday was the day to talk more though. They constantly ask me about it and then they give me these pills and Milk Magnesium and then tell me "Don't Push the Poo!" They scare me to death that if I push at all, they baby will come out. Goodness, I need a break from this place already.
I did have another visitor, which was great, it helps me out so much. He really made me laugh with his he asks me Michelle, I really don't understand, when will her birthday be, ya know because she is a premie and everything?! I was confused and asked what he meant be that. Well will her brithday be her original due date or when she is born or what? Hahaha, I laughed and thought, no I get to pick when I was get birthday to be. But held that comment back and said well the day she is born, her BIRTHday!!

Jeremiah continues to help me out a lot. I haven't had an emotional pregnancy but in here I seem to be having a hard time. I honestly believe its due to this whole thing being foreign and well all the poking and testing they are doing. It gets really uncomfortable and well honestly that is what I have to look forward to every day....everything is like clockwork. I am trying not to be selfish and just beg the doctor to induce but already, we have just about one week at the most. But I am so exhausted with this. I will say, I think the tears come less often, so I think I am catching on. As I said, Jeremiah is my hero, he is simply the best husband in the world!!

I wanted to thank everyone for the support, it means so much to me. I hope everything is going great in Kenai, or wherever you are!! Today, we are going for a wheelchair ride to the SKYBRIDGE....I am so excited. Pretty sad huh?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dentists...more like a Hairdresser!!

So before Miah wakes up I need to get this before he can catch me. As you all know my hair is extremely long and well I didn't bring anything up here to fix my hair, who needs it really anyways. But then grrr, ya know sometimes I just want it out of my way and a ponytail just doesn't cut it....oh this is so cute. Guess who is my little hairdresser....yep Jeremiah!! He will do anything really but my favorite are his braids, hahaha. Maybe a hairdresser is right up his alley....nah he should really stick to the Dental Field and well I'll try to ask the nurses to braid me hair. Hope you guys have a good day!! Love an miss everyone!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lab Rat or Human?

So I have been pondering if I was admitted into a research lab or an actual hospital. Besides that daily, IV flush (2 times) hooking up to the monitor for Ellah's heart beat and my contractions (4 times) every 3-4 hours vital signs...they said lab work would be put off for awhile, that is until my results came back, still creeping up there. So now I have to test my PIH every morning and blood at least once a week. So they sent me up here to rest, hmmm with all these people coming in and our taking samples and poking me, there is not really that much time for getting much rest. But I will do what it takes to make sure she is healthy. As Miah was at church this morning I was reading my scriptures and found a quote in my bag that made me laugh and it makes perfect sense for how I am feeling..."I know I can handle everything God has given me, I just wish he didn't trust me so much!" My feelings exactly right now. But I do know that I need to continue to have faith and put my trust in the doctors and my heavenly father....

Did I mention that modesty has flown out the window. While I was getting my steroid shot, the large window that people often walk by was wide open, as the nurse said to turn my cheek that way....I was informed to not worry unless I was asked for autographs, hahaha. Luckily they don't allow me out much and when I am, I am sitting in a wheelchair, covering my booty. Nurses and everyone else just uncovers and walk right in...its very interesting but I am getting used to it. The nurses love Miah and have grown quite fond of feeding him and showing him where all the secret spots are...its great. I believe he will be gaining more in here than I do.

Ultrasounds everyday, they are great. It is really a comfort to get to see Ellah everyday and knowing she is doing great, just trying to keep here in the oven a little longer. Dr. Richey told me today, things are slowly creeping up and hoping to get to 34 weeks still. Although she is doing just dandy, probably won't be much bigger than 5lbs when she is going to be born but she'll be just fine. Yesterdays ultrasound showed Ellah showing off and posing again, as normal. All the Doctors tell us what a diva she is already. She has one picture that shows her hand in the shape of an L, pressed up against her forehead...hopefully not referring to her Mommy or Daddy, hahaha. Some great pictures though, hopefully Miah will post them soon.

We had some visitors today, its always nice to see familiar faces, thanks to Cherise and then Terry and Bri Phillips. If anybody is heading this way, don't be afraid to stop on by...we would love to see you!! We would also like to wish Gina and Angeline a very happy birthday...hope you guys had a great day. So nothing that new or different, just keeping more tabs on everything and steroids should have fully kicked in about one more day and then just holding a few more days. Yes Camille we will try to have her before you leave to Hawaii, so you can be here. Anyway, we hope every one is doing well and please keep us in your prayers. Thanks for the support and love....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The First and Second Day...

Welcome to our Taylor Family Blog, yes a little one is on the way VERY soon. For those of you who are just hearing the news, I am so sorry, its not that we are ignoring any of you, its just been a pretty busy and hectic pregnancy. Well after a few problems and then being put on bed rest, we were told that we need to go up to Alaska Providence Hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy to be with Dr. Richey, the Periantologist. After a long days of traveling, our moms had to drive and per request of the doctor, Jeremiah and I had to fly. We finally arrived at the hospital. Well they surely gave us no time to settle in...AT ALL. The dreaded hospital gown that shows your whole sexy self to the world was given to me and then the fun paperwork. For some odd reason I am not fond of the feeling of needles, doesn't hurt, just very foreign. So when they said lets hook up the IV and then you will need 2 shots of steroids for the baby, don't forget the Lab Tech will be in here to poke you again for some blood, 24 hour urine sample, and then twice daily we will need to flush the IV....I was not a happy camper. This was all set on me within the first hour or so. I am not gonna lie, tears and nerves were very present. Did I mention the steroid shots were in my booty, yep one in each cheek, seriously that had to beat me up on both sides. But I am still alive....
So anyway, we had an ultrasound to see how little Miss Ellah is doing and to our blessing she is doing just fine. We have a diva on our hands for sure, in which Dr. Richey has told us once before back in December. She stuck her tongue out and all sorts of fun stuff. One of my problems as I had before is the protein in my urine, which they unsure what is going on but the kidneys are functioning just right, which is good. But just 6 weeks after I deliver, I have to come back up to Anchorage and see the specialist for my Kidney and get a biopsy of my Kidney, yep more shots, as if I haven't had enough in the past few months or hours. Well Ellah's official due date is March 22 and well she will be here in just about 2 weeks, we are very excited. She is only about 3-4 lbs but is very healthy. So I am almost 32 weeks and we are just trying to hold her in there for 2 more weeks. So shortly they will be inducing me, due to her being better off out here with Mommy and Daddy than inside. Guess I just wasn't blessed with a pregnancy body.
A great blessing is our Moms were able to come here with us and help settle us in, they left today but we were glad they were able to come up with us. After all this was bascially all last minute and we didn't really plan for a premie, so they had to run around and get some premie clothes and well last minute things. Everything is pretty much set now, we are just monitoring every step of the day and waiting for her arrival. Miah gets to stay in the room with me and of course they nurses love him and feed him like crazy. The staff here is great, just super generous. I am just glad we have to have an ultrasound every day, we get to see the little diva and make sure she is staying healthy, which seeing her makes what I am going through much easier.
We pretty much have plenty of things to keep me busy, I am going to go nuts, I am not really allowed to do anything, the wheelchair and Jeremiah driving me is my only way of transportation. Coloring books, get pens, movies, books, and baby announcements are going to hopefully keep me busy. That is another reason why we wanted to start this blog, to keep me busy and well to keep people informed. We hope you guys enjoy and feel free to write back. Until tomorrow, going on day 3 of the exciting hospital ya!!