Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another day in Paradise...

Today I thought long and hard about trying to find an incubator to maybe put over my belly to help Ellah out a little. But thought it was just my mind wondering crazy, trying to figure out a way to help further along the process...I didn't dare mention this idea to my doctor either in fear of sending me off to a looney section of the hosptial. Oh my, the sky bridge was AMAZING! Others might not find it was exciting but it was b-e-a-utiful. Miah found a little section where a creek runs right under and we have made this our special spot, cute eh? We now try and go there twice a day. Maybe if any of you come and visit, I will show you the magnificent spot of ours.

So you are all familiar with the hospital smell? It is becoming more like home, which is fine, since I work in the health care field myself. But this smell was starting to make me self was more like bad body odor or along the lines. Well I was thinking, the first day maybe it could of been me, all the stress and shots coming at me, I was bound to work up a sweat. But then kept smelling it, just all over and I kept asking Miah if it was me. I started thinking this Perinatal unit is pretty full, those nurses work pretty must be them, right? I began spending more time trying to scrub every place twice. I finally figured it out....its these darn hosptial gowns we wear!! Yes, they wash them or at least they say they do but goodness, I think they forgot to add the detergent. Think of how many woman have worn these and seriously it takes a lot of wear and well there comes a time when the stench just does not go away. Did I mention they are also VERY fashionable? Hahaha, maybe I should drop a suggestion in the box at the front day on the way to the Skybridge.

For this next section, you woman will completely understand...hopefully and if not, just say you do for my sake. I mentioned before, emotionally I have been fine through my pregnancy but here it a little different. Well yesterday the Emotionally-Crazed Woman came back out. I feel bad for Miah because he has to console and deal with me, I am not mean just cry and ask the same questions every time and want answers that the doctors don't even know. I look back now and laugh at the situation, especially the object that set me off. Each morning with breakfast we fill out menu for the next day. Well I was so excited, they finally had something that I would actually really like, Cheese Manocotti, breadstick and some kinda of squash...I was pumped. I looked forward to it all day. My dinner was over an hour late and I had just been kinda down at the arrived and well I opened it up...NOTHING and I mean nothing I would have ever ordered. I instantly started to cry and seriously went into the batheroom and turned off the light to continue to cry. I know I sound crazy and extremely spoiled but I swear at the time, it all made sense, kinda. But Miah coaxed me out of the bathroom and held me and his normal wife came back again.

Well everything is still just staying steady, Ellah is still doing good, growing and staying strong...They gave me Ambien to help sleep, ya that didn't work at all. It just made me really dizzy so they decided to take me off that. Heartburn and headaches are starting to come back, which are a few of the symptoms and slowly the medication is starting to not work so well. But we are doing good, we are under great supervision and have faith in our doctors. Hope all is well. Here are a few pictures so far...enjoy!!


  1. Oh man Michelle you make me laugh so very very hard! I wish I could come visit so i could see your special spot by the sky bridge! I'm glad I could chat for a second this evening and I really hope youy have a happier and less stressful day tomorrow! I love you both! oh and way to go superhusband Miah!

  2. Hey! It was great to see and talk to you both, even for the few minutes, this AM! I would have stopped in again later before we left the hospital and came back "home" to the Peninsula but the boys were tired and after I got on the elevator to meet the family in the Genetic area, I read some news (a family death) and therefore was carrying a lot today on my shoulders .... and I didn't want you to see that. You BOTH looked great today and I'm SURE she'll be here soon. Everything is WELL worth the wait! In time you'll be amazed at how fast she grows up - as we are of the boys.

    Til next time, take care and hope to see you back here on the Kenai Peninsula with baby in arms : )

  3. Hey, congrats on the pregnancy, news travels slowly from Alaska. I hope your little diva holds on for a couple more weeks, ours did, and then she decided to hang on until 39 weeks (a blessing and a curse...I think you understand) Babies are so fun! Hang in there!

  4. Oh are not a crazed hormonal woman! You are just going through a lot of stuff. I would be very upset if my dinner was not what I ordered...and for someone as picky as you. The tears are totally justified. I remember being pregnant with Avery and going to dinner. The dinner that they brought me was not the one I ordered not to mention it took over an hour to get it. I was starving and started crying. The manager felt bad and gave us the food for free. We left and got food somewhere else. Hang in there. Welcome to have to sacrifice everything you love and want to raise your children. You are going through all of this so you can have a healthy little girl and that is all worth it!!! Hang in there. Let me know if you need anything. Did you see our blog??? We are having a BOY. We are very excited!! Take care. You are in our thoughts and prayers.