Monday, January 26, 2009

Dentists...more like a Hairdresser!!

So before Miah wakes up I need to get this before he can catch me. As you all know my hair is extremely long and well I didn't bring anything up here to fix my hair, who needs it really anyways. But then grrr, ya know sometimes I just want it out of my way and a ponytail just doesn't cut it....oh this is so cute. Guess who is my little hairdresser....yep Jeremiah!! He will do anything really but my favorite are his braids, hahaha. Maybe a hairdresser is right up his alley....nah he should really stick to the Dental Field and well I'll try to ask the nurses to braid me hair. Hope you guys have a good day!! Love an miss everyone!!


  1. oh, that's so cute! I could totally picture Miah doing that, simply because Buzz braids hair as well! It's hilarious, but a good skill for a guy to have i would say! Just sending a little comment from Macroeconomics class! I know, I'm horrible, but we've been talking about Pfizer buying out Wyeth for 10 minutes! yuck! Okay, stay happy! Love ya!

  2. awww...that's sweet :) Isn't it amazing what they'll do for us sometimes?!? Sounds like you're doing well. Your cute little family will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Send pictures of little Ellah after she arrives if you have time. I'll call you sometime in the next few days. Love & miss you lots!!

  3. Good morning Michelle, I wanted to let you know (just incase nobody else has) that you can make a book out of your blog, kind of like a little journal. At, I do my blog for two reasons, 1st to keep my long distance family updated and 2nd because I am terrible at keeping a journal.
    Love ya! Have a great day :)