Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lab Rat or Human?

So I have been pondering if I was admitted into a research lab or an actual hospital. Besides that daily, IV flush (2 times) hooking up to the monitor for Ellah's heart beat and my contractions (4 times) every 3-4 hours vital signs...they said lab work would be put off for awhile, that is until my results came back, still creeping up there. So now I have to test my PIH every morning and blood at least once a week. So they sent me up here to rest, hmmm with all these people coming in and our taking samples and poking me, there is not really that much time for getting much rest. But I will do what it takes to make sure she is healthy. As Miah was at church this morning I was reading my scriptures and found a quote in my bag that made me laugh and it makes perfect sense for how I am feeling..."I know I can handle everything God has given me, I just wish he didn't trust me so much!" My feelings exactly right now. But I do know that I need to continue to have faith and put my trust in the doctors and my heavenly father....

Did I mention that modesty has flown out the window. While I was getting my steroid shot, the large window that people often walk by was wide open, as the nurse said to turn my cheek that way....I was informed to not worry unless I was asked for autographs, hahaha. Luckily they don't allow me out much and when I am, I am sitting in a wheelchair, covering my booty. Nurses and everyone else just uncovers and walk right in...its very interesting but I am getting used to it. The nurses love Miah and have grown quite fond of feeding him and showing him where all the secret spots are...its great. I believe he will be gaining more in here than I do.

Ultrasounds everyday, they are great. It is really a comfort to get to see Ellah everyday and knowing she is doing great, just trying to keep here in the oven a little longer. Dr. Richey told me today, things are slowly creeping up and hoping to get to 34 weeks still. Although she is doing just dandy, probably won't be much bigger than 5lbs when she is going to be born but she'll be just fine. Yesterdays ultrasound showed Ellah showing off and posing again, as normal. All the Doctors tell us what a diva she is already. She has one picture that shows her hand in the shape of an L, pressed up against her forehead...hopefully not referring to her Mommy or Daddy, hahaha. Some great pictures though, hopefully Miah will post them soon.

We had some visitors today, its always nice to see familiar faces, thanks to Cherise and then Terry and Bri Phillips. If anybody is heading this way, don't be afraid to stop on by...we would love to see you!! We would also like to wish Gina and Angeline a very happy birthday...hope you guys had a great day. So nothing that new or different, just keeping more tabs on everything and steroids should have fully kicked in about one more day and then just holding a few more days. Yes Camille we will try to have her before you leave to Hawaii, so you can be here. Anyway, we hope every one is doing well and please keep us in your prayers. Thanks for the support and love....


  1. gosh, my vote is for lab rat... for sure. it sounds like you're keeping a great and positive attitude though. good for you. somebody today mentioned the quote that often comes with a picture of the Savior: "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it." I thought of you. we'll keep you (all three of you!) in our prayers!

    p.s. remember becca thomas? she taught me to crochet edges on baby blankets. i never in a million years thought i'd enjoy something like that, but now i CRAVE time to do it. it's very relaxing and satisfying (and it would keep your doctors happy cause all you have to do is sit and move your hands a little tiny bit ;) you should try it! oh and by the way, the blankets i made myself always turned out to be my favorite.

  2. oh look at you my little blogger! I should tell you how to put music and cute little backgrounds on your blog! That can take up a lot of your time! Especially if you have a slow internet connection, which you probably don't! hm! And modesty is out the window? I didn't know it was in!!! Do I need to bring up 2 days before you got married?!?!? oh, that was a great day! for the most part! I look forward to seeing pictures of Ella finally! And if she was doing the sign of the loser on her forhead, she was probably trying to tell you something...hint hint! okay, well it's about 1:10 my time and I must be off! Glad I got to talk to you today! Love you!