Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Way of Life

I love Hawaii but more so I love the way of live in Hawaii. You are no longer just Shelle or Miah but Auntie Shelle and Uncle Miah to everyone, even complete strangers. People are so generous here. There is no rush or stress or even deadline. Time is a complete standstill. Shoes are rarely worn, shirts- what are those? Miah goes everywhere barefoot and nobody looks in disgust. He even killed a cockroach by stepping on it barefooted, if that is not local, I am not sure what is. While on vacation to the Big Island we came across this town and this is what the stop signs look makes me love it even more and explains how we live here on the Islands.


Just a few more pictures from Ellah's party!!

A Little Late....

Sorry about the crazy posts or lack of really. Well here are a few pictures from Ellah's 1st Birthday. She loved opening up her presents, eating her cake and blowing our the candles with Daddy. Miah and I made the cake. We were thinking about starting our own cake business but TVA shut that down fast, in fact all business potentials. Oh well I guess. Enjoy!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

This crazy baby is almost walking. She's just started to scoot her little booty across the floor, but is doesn't seem to be to her liking because she things it's not fast enough.
Ellah loves her bath time, she spends most of it splashing around and trying to drink her bath water either by plunging her face straight down into the water, or flushing her face by trying to drink from her overflowing cup. Both of which are really funny to see.
Just in case everyone was wondering, we made it through the tsunami, it was amazing. Nothing happened. We actually started up a grill just before it was supposed to hit our island. We had it going upstairs so it would have been fine at any rate.
As you well know, it's been quite some time since we've updated this here blog, our excuse, well, we live in Hawaii. We just don't spend as much time on the computer anymore.
Jeremiah's classes have been going good and his schedule is great with Tuesdays and every other Thursday off we've had some time to do some upgrades and decorations to the apartment (pictures coming soon).