Friday, April 30, 2010


Elvie is just a name Miah and Axel made up because apparently they grew tired of saying both girls names, Ellah and Evie. Because we are always around the Diaz Family, the girls love playing with each other. We just say, where is Elvie? Someone get Elvie or grab Elvie. It just makes things so much easier. Elvie was given a push-pop on a hot day last week, they loved them. They were hosed down afterwards though and clothing was completely....

Optional! Way to go Evie!!

Lions and Tigers and Uncle Miah!!

A few weeks ago after a wonderful garage sale extravaganza in Kailua, we went to the Zoo!! It was a perfect Zoo day, not too hot and not too cold. Now, we ain't no Brian Fellows but we tried to learn as much as we can about all those crazy animals.

These are the Mexican Diazitas....okay so they weren't an exhibit but could very well be one, hahaha. Oh how we love Jenny, Axel, Lil' Axel and Evie!
It said to not feed the animals but Bells just wouldn't listen.
Yep, we are those parents. Hahaha, really they are called Walking Wings. They help her walk without holding our hand. As you can see, Miah has lots of slack, this leaves her walking all by herself. But she thinks we are holding her. What a lovely invention, sure saves our backs.

The porcupine we won't mention, he was far too inappropriate.

Which one of these next three animals was not an exhibit at the zoo?
Can you guess?

Maybe this one?
Poor Bells!!
We even saw a bird, not sure if he was a liar but he looked suspicious, what do you think?
I think the best part about the zoo was when we were all walking out of the petting zoo, Lil' Axel was telling his mom what he all saw, it went something like this....
I saw birds, fish, turtles, Uncle Miah, zebras, monkeys and a giraffe. I love how he made Miah out to be just another animal at the zoo, sometimes I think the same thing!!


We love to paint out piggies, especially when they match. I mean it too when I say "we", she loves to paint her piggies. This is one of my favorite things about having a girl. We have tried to get Daddy into painting his piggies too, ya know saying things like "the whole family is doing it" or "do it for Bells" but he still hasn't given in just yet. But I tell ya what...I give it till she turns 3 and he will have worn so many different shades that Revlon and Wet N Wild will be signing him as the spokesman. I can't wait till we can do more girl things, like hair, well not that I do much with hair but until then, we will be working on Daddy!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh The Love

I was cleaning the kitchen singing and dancing once again with Bells and hold the laughter...we were jammin' out to Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, etc! I have no fear to admit that, I am actually proud!! Even Miah enjoys it. One of Miley's song, One in a Million came on and I was really listening to the lyrics. They are perfect for how I feel for my beloved husband. Oh, I remember now, I helped her write the song myself, hahaha. Not really but it sure feels that way.

How did i get here
I turned around and there you where
Didn´t think twice or rationalize
Cause somehow i knew
That there was more that just chemistry
I mean i knew you were kind of into me
But i figured it´s too good to be true

I said pinch me, where´s the catch this time
Can´t find a single cloud in the sky
Help me before i get use to this guy

They say that good things take time
But really great things happen in a blink
Of an eye
Thought the chances to meet somebody
Like you were a million to one
Can´t believe it
You´re one in a million

Millions of words come to my mind when I try to explain the love I have for the two most amazing people in my life, Jeremiah and Ellah. We fit together so well, a perfect triangle. It will always be just the three of us and we couldn't ask for anything else. I love the both of you so much. I hope that they feel the same way about me...hopefully they don't see me coming and think of a bellowing broccoli bully or a slave-driving, trash-mashing ogre, marathon runner, always-on-the-go, or a thundering humorless tyrant....hopefully!! I guess I could see the Ogre one...hmmm maybe Fiona, red hair and the height issue. Anyway...I just love my family more than anything. They are one in a million...thanks MILEY!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I love the different stages we are going through. This girl is the sunshine of our life. I could not imagine loving anything more, well I do love Miah oh so much but its a different kind of love. Anyway, she is trying to be like mommy and daddy ALL the time and I love it. She is learning too. She started blowing on her food, just like I was and it made me smile. She saw me wearing a sweatshirt and she wanted one too, she put mine on, hahaha. The best is watching her try to whistle after us. I was whistling on my first birthday and this girl isn't far behind. I just love this girl to pieces!!

Ode To Grandma

We were going through some clothes and seeing if Bells fits them and we came across her robe. I love this robe, pink Nike, what more could you ask for? Miah tried it on her and we broke out laughing for what seems like hours. She looked just like Grandma. My mom had a robe that she loved and wore all the time, well around the house and yes sometimes in the yard and it wasn't much of anything, kinda like a thong, doesn't cover or do much but it looks cute. Finally we made her get a new robe, well she made herself a new robe, as you know my mom can sew like no other. But this picture if for you Mom.....

TVA Bake Sale

We have had 2 Bake Sales and today was a good one! It is a way to make some extra money and share your talents, the yummy goodies. There is no businesses allowed in TVA so they came up with this. It is a busy day as I am trying to balance baking, rising and frosting everything. But it pays off and well I love baking. We made our to die for cinnamon rolls, our P.B. fudge to you can gain 10lbs from, a new recipe I tried- Snickerdoodle Cupcakes and nice and plump chocolate chip cookies. Bells even helped out with Daddy as they were the taste testers, I love to bake but hate to eat, which I guess is a good thing.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Strap Down Time!!

I was doing something in the kitchen and I had put Bells in her highchair and gave her some cereal to keep her busy and well eating. I always chat, sing and play with her while in the kitchen. She loves singing and dancing with pots and pans, which is one of my favorites also!! I heard her giggle and I turned around and this is what I saw....The giggle, the reaction to me telling her no and then the what are you going to do about it pose....I believe it is time to strap this girl in, ya think?

Cake, Cake and More Cake

We have been busy busy this past weekend with cakes. But we love it!! First we had a birthday party for Evie....Happy 1st Birthday Evie! Her parents Axel and Jenny are very good friends of ours, along with Lil' Axel the old brother. Her party was princess - frog themed and so we made a princess / castle / frog and everything else to go along with it cake. We had so much fun, everything was edible and oh so yummy! Then we had Lil' Gwen, she turned 2!! Her mom is oh so crafty and everything was sooo darling at the party. It was a bird themed party. So we made a bird cake sitting on a nest with some eggs, once again so much fun!! The last was a little gathering we had for Jennilee. She graduated her and her family were packing up and moving back to California. We decided to send her off with a cake. A chocolate cake with cherries mixed in, the shape of a graduation cap. It was surely a busy couple days but as I always say...we love decorating cakes!!

Summer is Here!!

Everyone is probably saying you are crazy, it is always Summer in Hawaii. Well, not when you live here. I freeze pretty much every night, even during the days at times. Well last week it was the first hint of summer, meaning, the humidity started to kick in. I actually love it....that means, total beach days, shelling, long hot runs, and living the good life!! After a bike ride to the grocery store the other day Bells and I were walking to our place and she stopped at the bike....she was loving the weather and cruising the sidewalks. She is exactly like me...hates being inside! She knows when we start heading toward inside and that is when the attitude starts...that is what I get, right? Well here is to an awesome summer!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Little Girl!!

Bells is growing so fast, it just amazes me. I love every minute of being a mommy and spending all my time with the special spirit. She still scoots and it drives me nuts, either her clothes get ruined or else her diaper gets all messed up but this past week she had decided that crawling is okay but walking is so much better. She has been walking since December but is a chicken, must get it from her Daddy, hahaha. When she does walk, she runs, she must get that from her Mommy!! I have taught her where different body parts are and when I ask her where her nose is, she points to it and then sticks her finger right up her nostril and then laughs!! We showed Daddy when he came home and he couldn't stop laughing. I even got it on video tape, she won't be too happy with me when she gets older but what are parents for? She has a friend who lives in the mirror, she always goes straight for the mirror and sings, plays, paints and whatever else with her friend. She has grasped the concept yet that it is her reflection. We got her a couple new pairs of shoes because I don't want her to be like Daddy and squish bugs with her bare feet, gross!! Miah is doing great, finals are this week and he has straight A's, as always and is busy coaching a baseball team as well, being the only haole- white person. He has next week off and so it is beach, friend, family and zoo time!! I am doing good, I have had a rough week with my kidneys and other things. My Grandma was hit by a car and the (insert not nice word here) drive away and she is actually recovering, thank goodness. My sister is having a biopsy done on her breasts, the doctors believe they are cancerous. My best friend's brother passed away unexpectedly. Then a dear friend's daughter is in the hospital in a coma with Meningitis at only 11 years old. I have been praying more than anybody on this planet this past week and been holding my family closer than usual. I ask for prayers from everyone for my friends and family. We have Faith that everything will turn out okay. Please keep all of them in your prayers!!

We Will Miss You Cache!!

It is indeed a sad time. I have been babysitting Cache three days a week for a couple months now and well Jennilee (mommy) is graduating and so they will be moving back to California next week. Cache and Ellah love each other so much, people even think they are twins!! This family is extra special because Logan (daddy) was one of the missionaries who taught me, how crazy that we both ended up here!! We will miss you guys so much!! Just look how sad Cache is....