Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Little Girl!!

Bells is growing so fast, it just amazes me. I love every minute of being a mommy and spending all my time with the special spirit. She still scoots and it drives me nuts, either her clothes get ruined or else her diaper gets all messed up but this past week she had decided that crawling is okay but walking is so much better. She has been walking since December but is a chicken, must get it from her Daddy, hahaha. When she does walk, she runs, she must get that from her Mommy!! I have taught her where different body parts are and when I ask her where her nose is, she points to it and then sticks her finger right up her nostril and then laughs!! We showed Daddy when he came home and he couldn't stop laughing. I even got it on video tape, she won't be too happy with me when she gets older but what are parents for? She has a friend who lives in the mirror, she always goes straight for the mirror and sings, plays, paints and whatever else with her friend. She has grasped the concept yet that it is her reflection. We got her a couple new pairs of shoes because I don't want her to be like Daddy and squish bugs with her bare feet, gross!! Miah is doing great, finals are this week and he has straight A's, as always and is busy coaching a baseball team as well, being the only haole- white person. He has next week off and so it is beach, friend, family and zoo time!! I am doing good, I have had a rough week with my kidneys and other things. My Grandma was hit by a car and the (insert not nice word here) drive away and she is actually recovering, thank goodness. My sister is having a biopsy done on her breasts, the doctors believe they are cancerous. My best friend's brother passed away unexpectedly. Then a dear friend's daughter is in the hospital in a coma with Meningitis at only 11 years old. I have been praying more than anybody on this planet this past week and been holding my family closer than usual. I ask for prayers from everyone for my friends and family. We have Faith that everything will turn out okay. Please keep all of them in your prayers!!

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