Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We were so busy this Easter, what is new? But yes we had a blast. It started off Friday morning with a huge group of us dying some Easter eggs. This we put on by Chandra and I, keeping on the traditions of our past lives on the Mainland. We had to do this and it was so much fun. We had a few first timers, Sandra- you crazy girl and of course the Veterans and the Hulk even showed up to help. Then Saturday we had a TVA Easter egg hunt, which was short lived but fun. Then of course Easter morning with just the three of us, as always the highlight of my life. I just love spending time with my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter Bells. Then I put on an Easter egg hunt Sunday afternoon, the children had been inside all weekend due to conference so we wanted them to get out and as always they were anxious to play together. While I gave a spiritual thought on Easter in my apartment with all the kiddos, the husbands were off hiding the eggs and making baby powder bunny tracks on the sidewalk. At the end, I heard a loud noise, looked outside and shouted "EASTER BUNNY". All the kids ran outside and instantly saw the footprints and had never been more amazed. After finding the eggs the kids took turns looking at the tracks and trying to find out where they led to. Bells was pretty funny trying to find the eggs, she was more interested with the plastic than the candy, GOOD GIRL!! Who likes chocolate anyway? I love it here, it is like one big family. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and hope the Easter Bunny came your way too!!


  1. It was soooo fun! I'm so glad we did it. =)

  2. I Love Ellah so much!! we love having you guys as friends and neighbors :)