Friday, April 30, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Uncle Miah!!

A few weeks ago after a wonderful garage sale extravaganza in Kailua, we went to the Zoo!! It was a perfect Zoo day, not too hot and not too cold. Now, we ain't no Brian Fellows but we tried to learn as much as we can about all those crazy animals.

These are the Mexican Diazitas....okay so they weren't an exhibit but could very well be one, hahaha. Oh how we love Jenny, Axel, Lil' Axel and Evie!
It said to not feed the animals but Bells just wouldn't listen.
Yep, we are those parents. Hahaha, really they are called Walking Wings. They help her walk without holding our hand. As you can see, Miah has lots of slack, this leaves her walking all by herself. But she thinks we are holding her. What a lovely invention, sure saves our backs.

The porcupine we won't mention, he was far too inappropriate.

Which one of these next three animals was not an exhibit at the zoo?
Can you guess?

Maybe this one?
Poor Bells!!
We even saw a bird, not sure if he was a liar but he looked suspicious, what do you think?
I think the best part about the zoo was when we were all walking out of the petting zoo, Lil' Axel was telling his mom what he all saw, it went something like this....
I saw birds, fish, turtles, Uncle Miah, zebras, monkeys and a giraffe. I love how he made Miah out to be just another animal at the zoo, sometimes I think the same thing!!

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