Friday, April 16, 2010

Cake, Cake and More Cake

We have been busy busy this past weekend with cakes. But we love it!! First we had a birthday party for Evie....Happy 1st Birthday Evie! Her parents Axel and Jenny are very good friends of ours, along with Lil' Axel the old brother. Her party was princess - frog themed and so we made a princess / castle / frog and everything else to go along with it cake. We had so much fun, everything was edible and oh so yummy! Then we had Lil' Gwen, she turned 2!! Her mom is oh so crafty and everything was sooo darling at the party. It was a bird themed party. So we made a bird cake sitting on a nest with some eggs, once again so much fun!! The last was a little gathering we had for Jennilee. She graduated her and her family were packing up and moving back to California. We decided to send her off with a cake. A chocolate cake with cherries mixed in, the shape of a graduation cap. It was surely a busy couple days but as I always say...we love decorating cakes!!

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