Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Natalie!!

To our Sweet Little Natalie....Happy 2nd Birthday! Last week we had a Minnie Mouse Birthday party to attend. What can we say about Natalie...either you can hear her downstairs calling for Ellah or me or else Ellah is upstairs calling for Natalie. We had the honor of making the birthday cake for the party and it was so much fun. The only difficult thing was finding black fondant. We usually make out own fondant for the cakes but if you have ever dipped your hand in cake decorating, coloring something truly black is a hard thing to do, even Ace of Cakes and Buddy The Boss buys his black and red fondant. So that morning we decided to make Minnie Mouse out of Chocolate Ganache, a hard thing to do in Hawaii. We just basically kept it all in the freezer until right before the party and then cut the cake right away. We love you to pieces Natalie!!