Saturday, January 24, 2009

The First and Second Day...

Welcome to our Taylor Family Blog, yes a little one is on the way VERY soon. For those of you who are just hearing the news, I am so sorry, its not that we are ignoring any of you, its just been a pretty busy and hectic pregnancy. Well after a few problems and then being put on bed rest, we were told that we need to go up to Alaska Providence Hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy to be with Dr. Richey, the Periantologist. After a long days of traveling, our moms had to drive and per request of the doctor, Jeremiah and I had to fly. We finally arrived at the hospital. Well they surely gave us no time to settle in...AT ALL. The dreaded hospital gown that shows your whole sexy self to the world was given to me and then the fun paperwork. For some odd reason I am not fond of the feeling of needles, doesn't hurt, just very foreign. So when they said lets hook up the IV and then you will need 2 shots of steroids for the baby, don't forget the Lab Tech will be in here to poke you again for some blood, 24 hour urine sample, and then twice daily we will need to flush the IV....I was not a happy camper. This was all set on me within the first hour or so. I am not gonna lie, tears and nerves were very present. Did I mention the steroid shots were in my booty, yep one in each cheek, seriously that had to beat me up on both sides. But I am still alive....
So anyway, we had an ultrasound to see how little Miss Ellah is doing and to our blessing she is doing just fine. We have a diva on our hands for sure, in which Dr. Richey has told us once before back in December. She stuck her tongue out and all sorts of fun stuff. One of my problems as I had before is the protein in my urine, which they unsure what is going on but the kidneys are functioning just right, which is good. But just 6 weeks after I deliver, I have to come back up to Anchorage and see the specialist for my Kidney and get a biopsy of my Kidney, yep more shots, as if I haven't had enough in the past few months or hours. Well Ellah's official due date is March 22 and well she will be here in just about 2 weeks, we are very excited. She is only about 3-4 lbs but is very healthy. So I am almost 32 weeks and we are just trying to hold her in there for 2 more weeks. So shortly they will be inducing me, due to her being better off out here with Mommy and Daddy than inside. Guess I just wasn't blessed with a pregnancy body.
A great blessing is our Moms were able to come here with us and help settle us in, they left today but we were glad they were able to come up with us. After all this was bascially all last minute and we didn't really plan for a premie, so they had to run around and get some premie clothes and well last minute things. Everything is pretty much set now, we are just monitoring every step of the day and waiting for her arrival. Miah gets to stay in the room with me and of course they nurses love him and feed him like crazy. The staff here is great, just super generous. I am just glad we have to have an ultrasound every day, we get to see the little diva and make sure she is staying healthy, which seeing her makes what I am going through much easier.
We pretty much have plenty of things to keep me busy, I am going to go nuts, I am not really allowed to do anything, the wheelchair and Jeremiah driving me is my only way of transportation. Coloring books, get pens, movies, books, and baby announcements are going to hopefully keep me busy. That is another reason why we wanted to start this blog, to keep me busy and well to keep people informed. We hope you guys enjoy and feel free to write back. Until tomorrow, going on day 3 of the exciting hospital ya!!


  1. Glad to hear that baby will be here soon!! Hang in there - I was in the hospital a while too!! Thanks for sharing the site!! I'm following it : )

  2. Miah & Michelle,

    Glad to hear little Ellah is doing well! Sorry the pregnancy has been so rough! Sounds like you're in good hands though. Thanks for sharing the site with us! I'm excited to keep updated on your little family :) We'll be following it daily! God bless!

    Mike, April & Xavier Hobert

  3. Im excited to meet little Ellah, and Dr. Richie is the BEST, you'll be well taken care of. Stay off your feet, and know this will all be over soon. Love you and your in our prayers.

  4. BFF, I so wish I was there. Really really badly! But alas, i am not, so I'll be with you in spirit always! How as today by the way? Okay, I'm gonna call soon! Love ya!

  5. Glad to hear that things are going well for the situation you are in. Keep the faith and know that everything will work out. I met DR Richie when I was with Bere at an appointment. You are in terrific hands and will be well taken care of. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Let us know if you need anything. We are here for you. Will be watching for updates!

  6. We are also glad to hear that they are taking very good care of you all up there! Everything will be fine. I am sorry that you are going through such a hard time with your pregnancy though. May God continue to bless you, you are also in our thoughts and prayers!! Love Always, Mollie and I speak for all of our YW - they love you too :)Keep us posted....
    P.S. I love that name Ellah, my Grandmother's name was Ella too!