Friday, January 30, 2009

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Its basically the same as the day before, everything is staying the same. This silent time bomb is waiting to surface. But as they tell me it is just a waiting game, an oh so fun waiting game. Everyone tells me its been snowing back home quite a lot. Its snowing up here but not a whole lot. I have been trying to keep up with the Volcano but I guess we only get a few stations here, so if anybody has any exciting news about it let me know. Because of the snow, the birds haven't been around our window much, which is really sad because that was a huge source of our entertainment. Yep they would fly into our window all the time and it was actually pretty humorous. Sometimes around 5-6 at the same time.
We have had quite a few visitors, its so nice. Tiffany, Brett and there little guy Micah came yesterday. It was nice to hangout with them for a bit, especially seeing a baby, made me even more excited. Sandy, an assitant that I work with, is flying to California so see her husband come home for Iraq and she flew in at 4pm to hangout with us. She was awesome, she game me a pedicure, manicure and we all went for a nice wheelchair ride. I can't believe what they have for woman here. They are all prepared, beading kits, scrapbooking stuff, nail polish, and a lot more items. They are so great here. I finally found somebody, other then Miah who can braid hair, the only down side is she works nights and so its basically pointless. All these woman who work here and nobody can braid, is that weird? I thought all girls knew how to braid.
They are sending a Nutrionist to visit me today, not because I am picky but because ummmm I will be here for a bit and they want to show me how to broaden my horizons. They tell me just today, they can make me any milkshake I want....after a week they are just now telling me this. I wonder if I can abuse this privledge....its worth the shot.
Well Ellah lots of hair, when taking the BioProfile, they showed us her hair. It was waving around, which is crazy. Miah was worried and made sure it was just on her head, he is scared to have a little fuzz ball, silly guy.
Well I hope all is well with everyone....congrats to Gina, a baby boy!! FINALLY!! Miah says you'll need these little items he found called PeePee TeePee....he thought they were the coolest things in the world. Welp, until next time....

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