Monday, February 2, 2009

Less than 48 hours....

Well good news everyone...Wednesday morning they will be inducing me, just shy of 34 weeks. It has been just a day or so since I wrote last, just to catch ya'll up. We watched the SuperBowl on Sunday, Miah wanted the Cardinals and so I really did not care much but went for the Steelers, hahaha good thing we didn't make a bet. The rest of the weekend was pretty much same ole'. My doctor came back from London today and so she came in and welp decided it was time. They have steadied my blood pressure which is really important and what they wanted. But slowly other symptoms are coming along and she decided before it gets out of hand, she wants to get Ellah out.
The moment I found that out, I became a mom. It hit me, I went from trying to keep my body healthy to not caring so much about myself, rather caring about our little girl. All these emotions went running through my body, like I have never thought they could have. Right as I was beginning to understand patience and letting her stay in my incubator a little longer, it is time to take her on out and welcome her into this world. I almost went straight into a panic, will she be okay, will she be able to breathe, all those crazy questions....I remembered a blessing I was given right before I was sent up here and it gave me the confidence. Trust in my doctors because they know what they are doing and everything will be just fine. I also called my sister Averie and she reminded me that she would not do anything to harm and this is what she does everyday...just like when I go into a surgery at the dental office, I have no worries, I do it everyday and the Doctor I work for is great and has my full trust....I am blessed with a wonderful doctor here and am so thankful for that.
We went for our daily BPP and well Ellah is fully ready to come out, she is head down and pushing a lot. They still hook me up on the monitor and I am contracting a lot more and quite often, so Dr. Ritchie just said let her contract and go into labor....darn her, I hate being on the monitor. But my body is ready and well I am getting there. I asked the nurse this morning if Ellah will still have Lanugo (the tiny hairs that keep her warm inside) and she will...they shed that at about 36 or so weeks....Jeremiah was disgusted. But I just laughed because I know he'll fall in love right away.
I haven't been able to sleep very well the last few days and instead of staying in bed, I went and hungout with the night shift nurses, they really are great. I had a great time. They insisted on teaching me how to Knitting....hahaha oh my goodness, I bet you all wish you were a fly on the wall last night. But if not, its okay, they laughed enough for you too. Then of course they were beading too, I had to stop and laugh myself....
I am not going to lie, I am very nervous about Wednesday and ask everyone to keep Jeremiah, Ellah and I in your prayers,we would appreciate it so much. Hoping she stays head down and for a pleasant delivery, hahaha, ya know what I mean. Lots of love....


  1. You guys are my heroes, I can't imagine what you are going through. I can't wait until you have that moment when your baby is safe and happy in your arms, it will be amazing. We are praying hard for you two down here in Idaho and are keeping you in our hearts.

  2. Your sister is right... Dr Ritchie would never put you or your baby in danger. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. We are looking forward to meeting your little bundle of joy. Tell Jeremiah that Rylee was only 7 days early and still had some of the lanugo when she was born. It is not that disgusting!!! Can't wait to see pictures. Remember to push like you are pooping!!! We wish you the best of luck....everything will go well just keep the faith.

  3. Hey Michelle..I ran across you site and thought it was a good idea and it made me start my own..anyways I hope everything goes great on Wed. If it helps at all my sister and I were born at 32 weeks and my mom and dad only thought they were having one. They found out there was two right before she went in for her c-section...she said that's the only time she's seen my dad faint..:) I pray for you Jeremiah and your baby's health and safety.

  4. Best wishes for you 3, I know it WON'T be easy but YOU CAN DO IT!!