Sunday, February 8, 2009

Today was a great day. We were dismissed from the hospital, and put up to stay in the Hickle house, which is right behind the hospital so we can be as close to Ellah as possible. Enough about us... Ellah is doing simply fantastic. Each day she improves by leaps and bounds. She is able to go without the high pressure air flow and is fitted with a smaller one that is only on when she needs it. She is eating more everytime and challenging Mom to get enough milk pumped for her, apparently she got daddy's appetite. She has also started to gain weight daily instead of losing that initial weight. An even better sign of her maturing is when we hold her, as she's being fed through the tube, we put the pacifier in her mouth and she just goes to town on it, imitating of course breast feeding. She's so much ahead of the game it's not funny. Already we're the proudest parents in the world!!!


  1. Oh I am so glad that everything is going so well. What a beautiful family.

  2. All three of you look AMAZING! arent they wonderfull up there. they take such good care of the moms and dads that are eager to be with thier babes.

    continue to cuddle as much as they let you... did you get a snuggle blanket yet for both of you? I would be more than happy to make a few for you and get them up there....
    need to get the other thing finnished as well.....hmmmmmm. will pull out the sewing machine today.....

    continue to smile and ride this roller coaster with style.
    Love from the Ticknors.....

  3. Oh happy day! I'm so glad you are out of that hospital bed and can still be close to little Ellah! And should I just call you on your cellular device to talk? Oh, how about internet? Do you get that over there and if so we should chat on Skype! Let me know dear! Love ya! Give Ellah a kiss for me!