Monday, February 16, 2009

Splish Splash Ellah is Taking a Bath!

We have a piggy on our hands, yepper doodles, Miss Ellah Grace Taylor is weighing in at a whopping 5lbs 3.8oz....she gained 2.8 oz just today and she even pooped. The nurse told us that is amazing, since she performed such a large duty and still gained that much. She has now moved to a 2 breast and 2 bottle feedings a day. She is just doing fabulous, we have surely been blessed. We are hoping to go home soon. It will be so nice to be at OUR home and just relax with our bundle of joy.

So today Daddy gave Ellah her first bath, our stinky little girl needed one. Those large feet of hers were getting a little stinky, like Daddy. She loved it, just relaxed, very relaxed, in fact she just let it all come out, luckily it was towards the end of her bath.


  1. Man she is so cute! And so little, but not surprisingly gaining weight! I knew she'd be a trooper! And could you imagine going almost 2 weeks without a bath? Whew! Hope you guys can get home soon!

  2. I keep checking to see what is new. I want you to know you are in my thoughts EVERY SINGLE DAY! she is the most beautiful baby (other than mine OF COURSE) I have ever seen. I know you are all so busy. I remember what it was like. take your time. enjoy every moment. we will all be here ready to hear all your stories when you get home. P.S. if you see the 6 foot tall Barb.... (NICU nurse) let her know the Ticknor's Jenn Tim and Timothy say Hi)
    Love to all three of you,