Friday, January 22, 2010

Old Place to New Place

We moved apartments in the beginning of January. We are happy and sad at the same time. We lived in the nicest apartment within 3 towns and loved it. We had our privacy, our own secluded beach, awesome neighbors who always gave us fish, going running and then jumping in the ocean afterwards, it was just a beautiful apartment, it helped that the owner was fabulous! We moved to campus marriage housing, it was great for the bank account!! We have had some troubles when we moved in, they didn't have time finish the "to do list" and they just moved us in. I scrubbed and bleached EVERYTHING!! I guess that is what happens when you work in any medical field, you are insane when it comes to germs! We had trouble with maintenance getting in here to fix things but we are glad they are almost done. The other night, the wind blew the mirror in the bathroom off the wall that we had told them to fix, glass everywhere and a HUGE hole in the wall. CRAZY! As much as we miss being able to walk around naked and our own beach....we love our new home! We have wonderful friends everywhere. It is good for Michelle and Bells because they are close to the other mom and kids. We are very happy here and still visit our old apartment often to see Perry, Teora and Ka'ena! Here are a few pictures of our old apartment, Ka'ena one night on the bluff, "our" beach (bathtub beach) and then the three of us on a kayak!

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