Friday, January 22, 2010

Max and Mum Mums

We have some good friends here, The Hannamenn Family and they have CUTE kids. Well the middle little guy is Max. He reminds me so much of our niece Reece, tons of energy and the cutest things alive. I stopped by their house for a visit the other day and Max had me look at some family pictures, pointing out everyone, it was cute. He missed his cousins back in Arizona and I am sure they miss him, who wouldn't? We were done and then he said we have a picture of Ellah, Jenni (his mom) said only on the computer and he insisted they had a picture. So we asked to see it and he pulled out of the cupboard the Mum - Mum Wafer Box and said, "See it is Ellah." We laughed because little ones are so smart because I was wondering how on earth they got a picture of my darling little girl...this baby looks so much like Ellah and Max had made that observation. We love you Max!!!

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