Friday, January 22, 2010

Maunawili Hike

Over the long weekend a huge group of us decided to take a hike. Everybody tagged along and had a blast. It was a perfect hike, not just the boring trail hike, we had to cross a few streams, crawl over the logs, jump over the tree roots and then climb stairs (which the kiddos were pretending they were train tracks)....shoot three pregnant woman did it!! Power to the women for sure!! At the end was a waterfall which led into a small waterhole where people would dive into, SCARY!! There was a small hole just deep enough from the high spot. We had so much fun, each one of us took care of all the kids, as long as somebody had a little hand, it was okay. We did get pretty muddy, which made for more fun. Here are a few pictures of the crew....The group at the beginning of the hike, Moore Family, Crosby Crew, team work while crossing the steam, Mexican family trying to cross the border, The Taylor Three, cute little Braden and Kolea, Bells hanging out on Daddy's back, Hundley Family, and finally the end, which looks like everyone else on the Island had the same idea of a hike that day. But we had a blast and afterwards, we went to the beach and relaxed with lots of food. Great day, great hike and great Friends, life couldn't get any better than this!!!

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