Thursday, December 3, 2009

Garage Sales with Grandma

When I was younger my Grandma and Grandpa would come and visit, Grandma would always take us girls to garage sales. I was never really into it as much, but over the years I have become more interested. Garage sales in Alaska or anywhere else usually last what 3 days, Friday through Sunday and they go from no earlier than 8am and no later than 5pm. Let me tell you about Hawaii and their garage sales...I think it is almost worse than the infamous Black Friday. We learned this very early on. We always find them on Craigslist ahead of time. One of our first encounters, the post said 6am - 11am, no early birds!! We thought, 6am is an early bird, we thought wrong!! Luckily Ellah woke early that morning and we all packed up and got to the sale early, or so we thought. It was packed and when asked about the items we were looking for, they said they were gone, as Miah looked down at his watch it read 6:01am. She actually told us she had people knocking on her door at 3am for the garage sale. CRAZY PEOPLE!! So we have turned garage sales into a competitive hobby and it is fun but crazy! They usually just last one day and only for a few hours. They are amazing prices because people are usually leaving the islands and HAVE to get rid of the items. But here it is not unheard of to have people knocking on your doors at night and that is why they say NO EARLY BIRDS!! I love finding treasures, our recent was Pyrex Baking dishes for $2 of all sizes, amazing. I guess garage sales with Grandma really payed off, thank you so much Grandma, Ellah even loves it!!


  1. Oh goodness! Your family is so stinkin cute! Well mainly Ellah!! And you...okay, Jeremiah is cute too! I had a dream yesterday that I came to visit you guys!! I think I should make that dream come true soon!! yes, that would be appropriate! Miss you lots! Love you!

  2. I love gargage sale! I hate waking up early! I don't think that would work for me. I'm glad there are so good deals to make it worth it.