Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chubby The Long Lost Reindeer

Many of you know that Santa had 9 Reindeer but to a HUGE surprise, believe it or not, there are actually 10 reindeer pulling that jolly man's sleigh! Jeremiah and I found the reindeer at FoodLand munching on all the goodies in the sugar isle. So we snuggled her right up and took her home with us. Why she was told to stay back in the North Pole while Santa and the other 9 reindeer were delivering presents to all the good little boys and girls....

She weighed the sleigh down too much, Chubby the long lost reindeer stays and helps test the Christmas snacks and what a great job she does!!

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  1. So clothes are...optional at FoodLand?! NICE! I wanna shop there!!!