Friday, September 4, 2009


Sorry we have not updated lately...our internet connection went crazy. But we are doing great. We are finally getting our own little groove. The people here are fabulous. The whole atmosphere is just great, so relax, way different than back home. Ellah is a little person now, one night I tucked her into bed and then she woke up a little is crazy!! We got her a walker and she loves it. She thinks she is the coolest kid on the Island, hahaha. We do a lot of walks, bike rides, snorkeling and hiking trips. Jeremiah starts school here in a few weeks, he is looking forward to that. I cut my hair off, not because of the heat or because I am a mom now, just a little change, nothing too bad but it is fun. Hope everyone is doing well.


  1. hey! so good to hear from you via our blog :) you are making me totally jealous of your fabulous lifestyle. I want warm sunshine and fun things to do! I don't know if anyone told you, but it is the middle of fall up here in AK, everything is turning yellow and red. That pic of Ellah in her walker is so cute! I want to see more pics of your new haircut. Things are good over here. Scott is the new YM prez and I am still secretary with Gina as YW prez. It should be fun but busy! Frances is learning new things everyday and all she wants to do now is hold on to our hands and walk around, talk about a back breaker, so Scott's dad bought a walker over the weekend which she is still getting used. Just wait, Ellah will be running before you know it. Take care!!!

  2. Congratulations Michelle you all three look so happy!! I am glad this was such a great move for you all! You look amazing as usual I am so jealous! Post more pics when you can! Have a blast!!!