Monday, September 21, 2009

Ellah and her helmet!!

Giving me the thumbs up to let me know she likes it too!! Ellah finally fits her helmet and she looks sooo stinkin' cute!! We found the helmet when we bought the bikes and it was just too big but we knew she would need it soon. Well that day came Saturday when we were headed to the beach with our Ward to clean it up. It is the coolest helmet ever, it comes with 3 different covers- frog, bumble bee and a fish. They just velcro right on. Did I mention we pierced her ears when we first got here? Yet, people still call her a boy. I think that is because she only wears a diaper. I am asked very often if she is Polynesian because she is VERY tan and also due to her size!! A comment just made me laugh the other day. We were out walking and some people walked past and after doing so, I heard "Did you see that fat boy?" What can ya do but laugh it off? She is our little (big) princess and we love every fat roll on her body!!


  1. LOL. It is a cool helmet and she is a cute little princess. She looks like a girl to me. huh?