Friday, September 18, 2009

School Started!!

Well we are finally off to a long officially started yesterday and Jeremiah was so excited. We made sure his lunch was packed, he got the no talking to strangers talk and to look both ways before crossing the street (as he rides his bike to school). My mom even called and made sure he was all ready for his first day, hahaha. Ellah got her first tooth, well half-way in at least. She did really good, no fussing or anything. We have seriously been blessed with a wonderful and easy going child. She is just about days away from crawling, she wants to so bad but just isn't there yet. So because of it being Jeremiah's big day yesterday...this picture is for him!! I love my plumbers oh sooo much!! Hmmm, maybe we should find a nude beach to help out with the tan lines!!


  1. that is hilarious. and yeah for school starting. it just means he is that much closer to being done!

  2. LOL...I am so jealous. I want a tan line.