Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Socks We Miss Thee

Before we left for our move to Hawaii we went to visit my sister and her family...we had such an awesome time. Just to visit some of those memories, 104 degrees and no A/C, 9 people running around the house, spraying Nathan naked in the back yard, Poop Sandwhich, Miah and Ellah's first professional baseball game, Big Foot Java and spending 2 incredible weeks. It might be a good thing we live far away because Cory and Miah are quite the team. They gang up and rally everyone, including Ave and I.
As we were leaving I realized I had forgot socks and so I grabbed a pair of Cory's, not realizing they were one of his favorite pairs. He did notice as we were on the way to the airport, but I needed some. I told him I would mail them back as soon as we got settled. I had very much planned to do so too. But then I just kept wearing them, hiking and hiking (the only time one wears socks in Hawaii). But the more I wore them the more I did not want to mail them back. I loved those socks, not so much for the comfort or brand, they weren't Nike! But because every time I put those socks on, I thought of all those memories and of Cory...I loved it! They are now stained with many more memories and I made the call and told him they will not be returned. When I explained why, there was a lot of laughter but deep down I know they love it. So much cooler than a lucky pair of underwear!!

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