Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Do It

"There are clubs you can't belong to, Neighborhoods you can't live in, Schools you can't get into, but the roads are always open. Just do it."

I grew up with that quote stuck in my mind and it hung above my bed on a poster that I loved dearly!! I have been thinking about it a lot lately, running that is. I love it so much and it is my serenity, if I am stressed or I can't relax, Jeremiah sends me to the road. I am completely relaxed and at ease while running. Nobody can touch me and I am not a mom nor a wife, not that I don't like being those but I am just me. You don't need anything but yourself, no matter where you are, you can always go running. That is one of the best things to me about going places or moving, I can't wait to get there and find "my trails". I swore to Jeremiah that when I went into labor I wanted to have my new pair of running shoes he got me for a present on, since I was unable to run throughout my whole pregnancy and my MP3 because I would of been totally relaxed then, hahaha. I usually hit any and every race I can get to, no matter what. Saturday I was given a test, yeppers. I have been sick for 2 weeks. I first had some kidney episodes again and that caused my immune system to hit the bottom and then I came down with a bad virus. I was so sick I didn't look at those pink Nike running shoes with so many miles on them I can't even count. Well my friend called and told me about the race, I was like heck yes!!! Then instantly I thought, no way, I have two people that need me to be healthy. Jeremiah has midterms he needs to study for and his focus needs to be on that and mine with Ellah. Those two people mean more to me than anything, I can't be selfish. I thought how much my life has changed since having our beautiful baby girl and how wonderful it is to be a parent!! The roads will always be there for me to run but right now it will have to wait...I two more important things.

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  1. Love this quote, the post, and your decision in the end. I am so sad you are still not feeling well. I pray that changes soon.