Friday, May 29, 2009


Well has been a long time and well Ellah is huge and doing just fabulous. Are you ready for this...she is just shy of 16lbs at 3 1/2 months, ahhhhhh. She is just perfectly healthy!! She is starting to get some teeth, yeah! That is loads of fun, actually not too bad. We took her swimming last week because she loved her bath time sooo much, turns out she loves the pool just as much. So she will love Hawaii, which we leave very soon!! She is getting such a personality and smiling soooo much, it is just wonderful. Jeremiah and I are doing great, life is good, we couldn't ask for anything else!! We hope everyone is doing good...


  1. Awesome! So happy you guys are all doing well : ) Can't wait to hear about HI soon!!

  2. BOUT TIME! LOL... just kidding. I am so happy to see how much she has grown. I saw you out running the other day. I ALMOST had hubby stop the car so I could run out there with you. But he said I had done too much already that day. so he was making me stay in the VAN NO MATTER WHAT.

    But next saturday you could join our little group of runners/walkers/strollers. we are headed over to Tsalteshi trails and going to runt he trails. I know you have that cool stroler. ;) and it will handle it fine. But if you can get out alone we would love that too. We will meet at 9am. feel free to join us. every saturday (till you leave that is) 9 am. in a different spot every time. so I will keep in contact.

    P.S. you look great. and thank you for your waonderful card. we Love you sooooo much. That picture of them sleeping. PRICELESS!

  3. Want you to know I am praying for you this morning as I am out training. LOVE YOU!

  4. *points up* OOPS my niece was still logged in. BUT it was me! :))