Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dr. Jeremiah Taylor

The last two days our niece Emmarie has had a loose tooth and well since I work at the Dental Office, she seems to think I am the only one, well and Jeremiah, who can pull it. By telling her popsicles will put her tooth to sleep, she was pigging out on those...that is when Dr. Taylor came in, she was so brave and overly excited when Jeremiah pulled her tooth out, yeppers, with pliers. So Dr. Taylor had his first extraction today and it went fabulous!! Here is to the future...


  1. Hahaha, so cute! Hope all goes well after the move to HI - as things look like they're great now : )

  2. Oh mercy! Were the pliers really that necessary?!?! So I had a dream last night that I got home early, like on the 9th, and was going to wait until the 15th to come see you like I am for real, but that didn't make sense, so I headed over and when I walked in, Ella was kinda walking around! yes, WALKING! Oh boy! See you next week!!!

  3. Hello from Anchorage. I found your blog via Elijah's the micropremie. It was funny because I left a comment and there was your's also from Alaska. Your Ella is just a cutie!!!