Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well Ellah was blessed and it was amazing. I cried like I knew I would. The best thing of all was that my family came, it means so much to Jeremiah, Ellah and I for them to be involved, thanks to them, we love you. Well 5 months till we are in Hawaii and we could not be more ready!!

Oh and we are finally settling on the baby shower, hahaha, it has been canceled twice but this Saturday the 28th at 2:00pm, get ahold of me if you need directions. Well that is about it for now. Ellah is doing great growing like a weed but we love it. Hope everyone is doing well!!

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  1. I'm happy the blessing went well and can't wait for your shower today so we can love on you both...been a long time coming! I don't want to think about what's coming in 5 months....let's just not talk about that.
    See you soon,