Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oh Happy Days....

Today was great, we were all able to go to church as a was amazing! Next week Ellah is going to be blessed, so anybody and everybody, next Sunday at 10am! This last week at least has been crazy. I came down with this horrible virus leaving us back in the Hospital twice and more tests, once again my husband is amazing and wonderful, he was the wonder dad again and took care of her mostly!! He also put on a surprise birthday party for me, it was great!! He blind folded me and took our family for a drive and untied me and Ellah was holding a ring in her hands for me, the cutest thing in the world. But it was so nice to have everyone at our house to share my huge 25th birthday, hahaha.
Ellah is doing great, weighing 8lbs now, I asked the doctor when do we need to put her on a diet, she is a little piggy! She scared Jeremiah so bad. She burped and then instantly it came out of the other end and he swore it went through her clothes and blankets and then said your turn to change her...I was laughing pretty hard. Oh and we are officially moving to Hawaii in August, Miah is going to school for pre-dental, bascially heading down a long road. We are so happy to be leaving, officially being able to be a family, having that alone time and start our own traditions...
Hope everyone is doing well and we'll see you next Sunday!!

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  1. It was great to see all three of you at church today. You two look like naturals (at parenting, I mean!) and Ellah is just the doll you've been sharing with us on your blog! Hawaii, huh? We're probably heading out, too. Exciting times!