Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fun in the SUN

We have been hitting the beach a lot lately. Bells loves to swim, well kick and dunk herself under the water. She even started to surf! She has a body board and the other day she stood up on it all by herself in the water and the walked across it and jumped off to me. It was the cutest thing ever, good thing our friend on shore had her video camera. We were messing around with the under water camera and even Bells went under but we missed the shot and didn't want to try again. Earlier in the week a group of us went hiking and ran into 5 Hawaiian Monk Seals and actually was chased out of our swim hole at the end of the hike from one of the fighting seals. Yep, he actually hopped, slip and swam about 200 yards across coral, rocks and water....just to make sure we got out of "his" swimming hole. It sure was crazy!

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  1. Oh oh oh - I am SO jealous :)) It looks so warm and beautiful! They say that we are having the eighth rainiest summers in recorded history here in Alaska! (According to the Anc Daily News anyway)